Spa Grooming Day

Sometimes We All Need to Relax

Some days we just want to relax and so do our horses! Have the best of both worlds and let me do all the work!

Having a good, comprehensive spa day can help your horse relax, loosen up, and get ready for events or photo shoots. Starting at just $65 with all supplies included you can pass the reins over to me for show day prep or just a really nice quality scrubbing. Braiding, bridle path and wither clipping, sheath or udder cleaning, and hoof soaks can all be added for additional fees. 

Saddle Cleaning & Repair

Check out the before and after photos of the Circle Y Pleasure and Equitation saddle below. This was a several day process to restore that particular saddle to good, usable condition. 


Saddles and other tack need regular care and conditioning to remain in safe and usable condition. A good, professional clean and oil lets every part of your tack get looked at by a trained professional and evaluated for potential repairs needed. Standard clean and oils start at $75 and include the fenders being run all the way through as part of the safety inspection. Deep cleans start at $125 and your saddle will be partially dismantled so that not a single scrap of leather will go untouched. 


I spent 4 years working for a saddlery and continue to visit once per week for bigger projects. I can help you with everything from replacing a Chicago screw to repairing a broken tree. Even English saddle billet replacement! Every repair will have a different turnaround time as well as price based on current material costs and labor required. Call or email today to get your saddle in the shop!

Western Saddle & Tack Fitting

Proper Tack Fit is Essential

A poorly fitted saddle, bit, or hackamore can cause training difficulties, behavioral issues, and even permanent nerve and muscle damage to your equine partner. If you notice any dry spots under the saddle pad or white spots or sores forming anywhere underneath your tack then you have found clear signs that your tack does not work for your horse. Sores at the corners of your horse's lips can also indicate poor bit fit. The white spots or sores can occur anywhere your tack may touch, even the under your cinch. I can help you determine the cause of whatever issue you've found, find any other issues, and point you in a good direction to fix it. I am not affiliated with any particular saddlery or bit maker, but do have a few that I have worked with in the past and will recommend if I think your horse needs a custom piece of tack in order to be comfortable and perform their best. A total tack fit evaluation and recommendation session is $75 for the first horse, $50 for each additional at the same location. At this time I only offer fittings for Western tack.

Lazy AF Goats

Extra Blurb About Goats

So not quite horse related, but I figured I'd throw them in here anyway. I raise and sell Nigerian Dwarf goats! To see more details and to stay up to date check out the page on Facebook at