Equine Sports Massage

Why does your horse need massage therapy? Horses are athletes and work hard to help us both work and play hard. Massage has been proven to help muscles heal faster, recover better, and maintain fitness better. Not only does massage benefit your horse's muscular system, but it can help them hold adjustments, increase their range of motion, increase their immune system function, increase circulation,  become more supple and softer under saddle, improve their posture, and promote both physical and mental relaxation. What does all this mean for your horse? It means that they can perform better, feel better, recover better, and be healthier in body and mind.

I am certified as a Top Practitioner through Holistic Animal Studies to provide massage services to your horses for anything from competition day performance to injury rehab. Whether you're looking for a drop in appointment or to get on a regular schedule, we can get your horse feeling their best!

Kinesiology Taping 

Kinesiology taping is a great modality to add to your horse's regular care. KT taping is popular in the performance world for both humans and horses. It can help reduce inflammation, support weak or injured structures without decreasing range of motion, increase circulation, improve healing, increase proprioception, and reduce swelling. The taping to the right was applied over an area where this gelding received a kick to the chest while working a colt. This inflammation taping helped him recover quickly with minimal swelling and discomfort. While I do suggest pairing taping with massage, I will absolutely come out and help your horse with just tape. Just reach out and let me know what you're looking for!



That's what BEMER stands for and it is a very effective form of Vascular Therapy for horses. BEMER helps increase circulation which allows better oxygen delivery to muscles and other structures, better nutrient supply and uptake, increased immune system function and healing rate, and better waste disposal from the cells. It can also help give your performance horse that pre-event energy boost to perform at peak ability. BEMER is FDA registered and FEI approved for any equine athlete. It has shown effectiveness in rehabbing underweight horses and those with ulcers as well as decreasing healing time on acute injuries. From nose to tail, BEMER can help your horse feel and perform its best! Check out their website to see the all of the science behind BEMER technology. A BEMER session can be added on to any other service I provide as well as a stand alone appointment. It is included with a massage session. Sessions start at just $20. Please note that this is not approved for pregnant mares as safe use has not been determined.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a great and gentle way to help restore balance to the Central Nervous System of your horse. By working on the fascia we can stimulate the horse's nervous system to reset. You can see great benefits in healthy, working horses to keep them feeling their best and it also very beneficial to horses who have performance or soundness issues, behavior problems, chronic pain or medical conditions, and more. 

This service is not yet available, but will be as soon as I've finished the certification course!